External music

This section will be dedicated to external releases that  worth noting .Will be a selection of releases  from  music projects which experiment with techno, industrial and psychedelic.


Volume 30 of Structures, a Naked Lunch compilation that became synonym of high quality music from usual and unusual suspects. This time we have 13 gems, in various styles of techno.

V/A_-_Mature Behavior

Dear friends,
We are about to offer you one unique experience for Christmas. Brand new techno trance compilation to end this year in big style. Most of you will be thrilled I guess with this amazing cup of mature sound which demand mature behavior on the dance floor.
We are so glad that you will enjoy winter days and nights with pure club and festival stormers from this release.
Love you all with all of our hearts.
Soundmute team.

FEATURES VOL. 1-Repitch, Mike Parker

Features series starts now. The rebirth of the well-known fusion Ascion and D. Carbone. An unique sound suitable for the club and listening. Irradial is a Industrial-Hybrid. Walker smells like Oldschool but totally redesigned. Glare is an endless trip. Mike Parker version of Walker takes you over, Hypnotic. The name Features come from the surrealistic artworks that will accompany us throughout the series. These mix the physical traits of the artist's face with others, a face that looks like a distorted view of someone in our thoughts with features not well defined. To collect....

Component Data System is the second EP release on Machine from French artist Vincenn, comprising of five original tracks of incredibily deep and dark inspiring bass heavy techno.

Dolgener & Memnok Shes Crazy Ep


Harvesting your minds, bodies and souls... written and produced by Marcus C. Maichel (Desonanz/X-Dream) and Alex Tolstey (Boshke Beats/Triangle Eyes) at The Delta studios, in Kiebitzreihe, Germany , July 2013. artwork by www.ingart.com mastering by Adam Jay www.boshkebeats.com


The second volume of a brand new compilations series compiled and selected by the prodigy ears of Anyer Quantum "GREAT ATLAS OF THE UNDERGROUND CARTOGRAPHY: "Mictlantecuhtli's Stolen Bones" Finest selection of psycedelic techno and tech-trance in its full spectrum. Stay Psychedelic! Tracks 2 and 9 licensed from Boshke Beats Records. Digital mastering by Konstantin Gervis aka ZV_K Artwork by Inga Burina www.ingart.com Get all our news : www.hornsandhoofs.com

Perun is brand new compilation from Glitchy.Tonic.Records. As usual, this top-notch German label serves up tasty tech ‘n trippy psygressive. Compiled by label DJ Val Vashar from Croatia (who is also a part of the Zenon Records family), this release features nine tunes from Germany, Australia, Denmark, England, Brazil, and Serbia. Reaching deep into the dark abyss of the underground, Perun demonstrates a DIY philosophy and punk as fuck attitude! Artwork hand-painted by Sekkt (Psyebancia) with digital work by Robert Hundt (Radioactive.Cake). Mastered at Anti Logic Studio, Berlin.

Serbian producer Excizen (Miroslav Bako) joins forces with Ektoplazm to present Suffocate, a sizzling set of five new techtrance masterworks. Each track is bristling with menacing bass lines, polished chrome atmospheres, and high-tech rhythms, all primed and ready to devastate dance floors of the future. Drawing upon cyberpunk lore, Excizen articulates a musical vision of machine consciousness and dystopian dread that will leave you breathless. Featuring original photography and design by Basilisk.

Digital Diamonds (Mixed by Anyer Quantum)
Anyer Quantum, a 22 year old DJ from Mexico, is the winner of the Digital Diamonds mix competition. Here you can enjoy a nice selection consisting entirely of music released by Digital Diamonds, an advanced audio netlabel from Germany. Throughout 17 tracks and nearly 80 minutes, Anyer gives a great view inside the treasure chest of the Digital Diamonds discography.

Pick-The Furious
With The Furious, his second EP on Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Pick (George Khanukaev) again shows his ability to create dance music that is deep and forceful at the same time. Combining rough and dirty sounds with deadly minimalism, these three tracks have a drive that will bind you to the dance floor. This is only a sampling of what we can expect from Pick in 2011! Mastered at Anti Logic Studio, Berlin, except for “Kick Your Space,” mastered at Abstract Studios.

Cyan Music presents Roots, a CD-length collection of songs by Tenonaki (Marco Köller), a side project of New Age Hippies formed to celebrate the cultural and technical achievements of old school techno. If you had the pleasure of being involved in the early techno movement you will surely recognize the pioneering influence of Detroit, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Belgium on this tribute album. These songs, composed in the period between 1998 and 2006, aim to capture the feeling of that bygone era in combination with contemporary sounds.

Zeitgeist-The Century Of  Sins
Release notes:The Century Of Sins contains four new songs by Zeitgeist, the experimental side project of German producer Robert Hundt AKA Radioactive.Cake, already known from his debut album Spirit Of The Age, also from Glitchy Tonic Records. To build expectations for the launch of the second Zeitgeist album in 2011 this release breaks new ground by incorporating live drum loops into the existing mix of progressive psytrance and organic techno elements with hints of jazz, breaks, and glitch. Mastered at Anti Logic Studio, Berlin.

V.A.-Cyberpunk Chronicles Vol.2
Release notes:Uroboros Records strikes back with the second volume of its Cyberpunk Chronicles trilogy of compilations. In this volume compiled by Onionbrain & Zartrox we are exposed to fresh techtrance and dark progressive vibes from Australia, Brazil, England, Germany, Israel, and Italy. Again we are confronted with a sinister vision of a future where nature has been banished and mega-corporations command the world. Mastered by Anti-Logic Studios with artwork by Bruno Azalim.

V.A.-Digital family Vol.2
Release notes:Digital Family Vol. 2 is the second forward-thinking compilation from Digital Diamonds, one of the world’s leading techno and trance netlabels. This state-of-the-art collection features eleven jewels of electronic music selected by Alic and representing almost all of the core members of the Digital Diamonds roster. These moody, introspective, futuristic, and experimental works will delight your ears and shake up dance floors wherever they are played. Cover artwork by JP-Huss.

Release notes:Glitchy Tonic Records is proud to present Bipolar, the debut album by Vaeya (Vaibhav Bhavsar), an Indian psytrance producer living in Australia. Inspired by the diversity of people and music at parties–as well as the extreme vastness and untouched beauty of Australia–Vaeya began to compose electronic music in 2005. Now, after becoming more serious about music in the intervening years, he is ready to share nine compositions exhibiting a range of styles from dark and moody techno to luscious progressive and much in between. Mastered at Anti Logic Studio, Berlin.

Alic-Proper Language E.P.
Release notes:Alic (Volker & Adam) return with Proper Language, a release on Digital Diamonds, the “advanced audio” netlabel they founded in 2006. The title track will move you with its pulsating bass lines and richness of emotion while “Snake” on the flipside will grind and creep its way into your heart. The release is rounded out by a pair of alternate interpretations by Serbian techtrance superstar Excizen, an artist well-known for dark atmospheres and a crisp production style.

Opsy-Commit Charge
Release notes:Ektoplazm in partnership with Soundmute Recordings is proud to present Commit Charge, a simmering deep space techtrance masterpiece by Opsy (Vladislav Radulovic). Set a course for the far reaches of the galaxy and discover the secrets of the outer rim with this 11 minute epic. This release also contains four different remixes of the title track by Cold Project, Cujorius One, Minimal Criminal, and Amygdala. Mastered by Akhentek at Ilum Studios with artwork and photography by Basilisk.

V.A.-Micro Cosmos

Release notes:Micro Cosmos is a brave new release by the German alternative techno and techtrance netlabel, Glitchy Tonic Records. Featuring an assortment of five experimental tracks by Modifly, Wal, Zeitgeist, Vaeya, and AVM, this mini-compilation integrates aspects of jazz, hip-hop, breaks, electro, and glitch into deep and moody psychedelic techno. The result is an unusual and extraordinary blend of elements that will shake the dance floor and raise more than a few eyebrows around the world. Mastered at Anti Logic Studio, Berlin.

Low Rezolution-Weird Load
Release notes:Olotropo Records presents Weird Load, the debut album by Brazilian psytrance artist Low Rezolution (Sergio Brentan AKA Serjota). Founded in 2009, Low Rezolution aims to blend progressive with dark psychedelic influences to create an ideal balance of heavy atmospheres and moody grooves for the dance floor. Rumbling bass lines and techno-tribal rhythms form the foundation over which quirky samples and sinister sound manipulations unfold with a futurist touch. For all lovers of dark progressive music.

Sn-ikik-It Likes You
Release notes:Wonk#ay Records presents It Likes You by Sn-ikik (Demetrios Yannikakis AKA Devi@nTT, also on SoundCloud), a UK psytrance producer with a proclivity for hypnotic progressive psytrance and deep, dirty techtrance grooves. Expect to hear an monstrous array of crunching technoid sounds and tender oozing bass lines spill out of your speaker with this fresh release from the Wonk#ay co-owner. Mastered by Yod Onsen with graphics by someone awesome. Squidge!

Release notes:Uroboros Records invites you on a twisted trip into the far distant future with 10.192 A.D., the newest release by label boss Onionbrain (Bruno Azalim). Expect to hear dark progressive psytrance with menacing atmospheres, hypnotic grooves, bristling rhythms, and restrained energy on this three track release. Strange and peculiar dimensions of sound will be explored and much will be learned along the way! Mastered by Andreh Torres at Rotten’s Dungeon Studio with cover artwork by Bruno Azalim.

Audiowrap-All around us/Boc experiment
Release notes:Audiowarp, is all around us, even now in this very room, you can feel it...
Experience, ment, vent off, boc experiment... 


Anakoluth-Dwelling in the void

Release notes:Dwelling In The Void features four slow-burning arrangements from Swiss newcomer Anakoluth (Roman Hunziker), a talented young producer on a mission to meld minimal psychedelic techno with elements of cosmic Goa trance. Drawing influence from artists such as Zerotonine, Sandman, and Atmos, Anakoluth has developed an uncommon style incorporating cold hypnotic rhythms, eerie droning atmospheres, and mesmerizing melodic climaxes. Turn out the lights, pump up the volume, and set out on a mental voyage into the vast interstellar depths with Dwelling In The Void from Ektoplazm.

Amygdala-The sprawl

Release notes:The Sprawl features five songs by Amygdala (Andreas Riemer Christensen), a Danish producer inspired by physiological psychology, science, and cyberpunk. The amygdalæ are a set of almond-shaped nuclei buried deep within the temporal lobes of the human brain that are involved in processing memory and emotional responses. Designed for inner exploration of imaginary intergalactic science fictional futures, Amygdala’s music is influenced most prominently by early Eat Static, Transwave, System 7, and Koxbox. The resulting style can be described as old school, progressive, psychedelic and techy, but every song is its own story crafted to entrance and enthrall the listener. This release has been lovingly mastered by Akhentek at Ilum Studios, B.C., with design and photography by Alexander Synaptic

Release notes:Born again, and again...
But was doomed to collapse...

Release notes:Bezoar (Marcelo Noxious & Alana Curi) is a new project emerging from the depths of the urban jungle of São Paulo, Brazil. With Mindless, the debut release by Uroboros Records, this production duo brings you dark progressive and full throttle techtrance with a heavy psychedelic touch. In addition to the solo tracks you can also hear a collaboration with Onionbrain, another Brazilian project. Download it, play it loud, and let’s test how much your mind can support before you become mindless! Mastered by Anti Logic Studio, Berlin, with artwork by Gaspa (Guilherme Gasparini).

Dan Rotor-Looking back
Release notes:Looking Back is for the floor and for the mind. Why? Take a look!
We are proud to present this first official release of Dan Rotor, an outstanding new artist from Germany who is a master of his trade.
Combining elements of deep space, upmoving basslines and an excellent pumping drumset - this sounds rocks the crowd!

Ekoplex-Enter the dragon

Release notes:We are proud to present the very first netlabel release from Ektoplazm: Ekoplex’s Enter The Dragon. Ekoplex is Ray Vincent, a multifaceted psytrance producer currently based in Toronto, Canada, already known across the country for his engaging live shows. Enter The Dragon showcases three different sides to Ekoplex’s production capabilities: Premonition pulsates with full-on energy and a dirty techtrance drive, Astronomical Unit exudes dark and whimsical qualities, and Julia delves into bright and melodic vibes for the morning hours. This release has been professionally mastered at Timecode Studios, South Africa.

Ekoplex-Journey of the turtle

Release notes:Journey Of The Turtle is the full-length debut from Ekoplex (Ray Vincent), one of Canada’s most well-respected psytrance producers. Infused with an original style and unmistakable energy, this album flows through dark and driving techtrance, quirky melodic full-on, and richly atmospheric progressive to arrive at an inspiring downtempo finale. Versatile and unconventional, Journey Of The Turtle is designed to flourish in a wide variety of settings, from the festival dance floor to your home stereo. To ensure the best possible sound quality, this album has been mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4CN Studios, Germany.

Hellbound-Does it hurt?

Release notes:Now tell me do you want me to continue... Untill I connect you two...

ManMadeMan-Children of the light 
Release notes:Children Of The Light is ManMadeMans latest album and as before with Free To Listen this album is available as a free download.
Over the years ManMadeMan have built up a huge catalog and have released music across the world on many compilations and Labels whilst gigging around the globe. They took the step to release as much music as the could for free, and have been amazed at the reaction and help they have received in doing this.
Whilst a band is often heads down in the studio it can be forgotten that the ultimate aim of making music is the intended listeners, and in this day and age of internet and music download it seems fitting that we embrace this as a perfect medium to allow everyone to listen to the music.
There is nothing lost for anyone, rather a sharing of two sides, the listener and the creator, both intrinsically linked.
Children of the Light is dedicated to all the listeners, dancers, labels, artists and children that have changed the course of history.

ManMadeMan-Free to listen 
Release notes:Free To Listen is the fourth studio album from the legendary ManMadeMan, a project formed in 1994 by Sonya Bailey and Paul Baguley. As two of the original psychedelic trance pioneers, their extensive discography includes releases on prominent labels such as Flying Rhino, Matsuri, Transient, TIP.World, Flow, and Turbo Trance, among others. In their words, the sound of ManMadeMan is described as “positive, funky, psychedelic and musical all at the same time.” Free To Listen is perhaps the deepest and most genuine expression of the themes that ManMadeMan have explored throughout their long and successful career. By asserting total artistic control over this independently produced album, Paul and Sonya were free from the creative constraints imposed by risk-averse labels seeking only what is safe and dependable. This exposes the dual meaning of the title: not only is Free To Listen free for everyone to download and enjoy, but the very act of composing the album was itself a form of liberation. The results are impressive, encompassing a diverse range of styles including progressive, techtrance, psybreaks, full-on, downtempo, and other mutant strains of funky psychedelic trance. Free To Listen is a true listening experience—download it today!

October Rust-Breitseite
Release notes:October Rust presents their first official output exclusively on Digital Diamonds. "Breitseite" is the german word for giving a figuratively versus - exactly what the whole EP's intention is.
Strong, deep rolling and sawing sound with a hint of trance are leaving a permanent impression. Don't miss it! 


Phasetech-Float/Brainwash exposure EP.
Release notes:Brainwash Exposure is a experimental progressive techno tune with trance and minimal influences. Original is recorded in july 2008, and remix is recorded in september 2008. As prevous 4 ep's, tracks on this release are made for non commercial purposes.

Phasetech-Adriarchitekture/forestkeeper EP
Release notes:This is fourth free ep from Serbian tech-psytrance artist phasetech. Style on this EP is marked with deep forest groove with strong bassline. Tracks are produced in summer 2008.

Phasetech-Morther Earth / Eternity EP

Release notes:PhaseTech - Sounds / Timeslot EP


Release notes:Phasetech Music is a netlabel created by Vladimir Mihajlovic aka Phasetech from Belgrade, Serbia. First release is a two track EP which contains one exclusive experimental tech-progressive track (Terrahertz) and second track is (Vibrasonic) already released track on VA - Supermarket on Ultiva Records.

Pick-Minimum orchestra

Release notes:Minimum Orchestra is the startling debut of Pick (George Khanukaev), a young producer born in Uzbekistan and currently living in Ashqelon, Israel. Released on the experimental German techtrance label Glitchy Tonic Records, this 4-track sampler demonstrates Pick’s professional musical education, considerable attention to detail, and appreciation of the absurd. Deep, dark, and unnervingly weird—these chunky techtrance tunes pound and churn with manic confidence and a defiant attitude. Mastered at Anti Logic Studio, Berlin.

Nuclear Ramjet-Liquified
Release notes:Go along with Nuclear Ramjet on an extradeep and pounding journey through their liquified space. Their pumping propulsion already rocked dancefloors all over the planet. We are proud to present the two Canadians here on Digital Diamonds!

Simmetune-Mechanic EP
Release notes:Simmetune presents his very first EP here on Digital Diamonds.
Get covered by his pads and clear percussion. Get in touch with deep and intensive atmosphere but be careful - the blasting percussions return you back to the ground...


Release notes:The last pieces of tetraktys [2005] before it was definitely going musical adulthood under the name of Motion.A chapter closes for this exceptional composer while 2 others are already underway: Motion and soleada 


Tetraktys-2001 Various Tracks
Release notes:Hard kicked trance, produced in 2001, by [Vincent-Courcot]Tetraktys aka Motion akaSolead...Enjoy the taste of old tech-trance, dancefloor approved on numerous occasions.
Minimal or a bit symphonic..make your choice...


Trimada-So young why die/I am
Release notes:So So Young, Why Die, So Young, You Died, So Young, You Fade Away,SoYoung, You Slide, So Young, You Died 
I Am Alone, I Feel Alone, My Thoughts Alone, My Sorrow Alone, MyDreams Alone, My World Alone, My Eyes Alone, My Soul Alone

Ultraform-What i saw/snap my fingers

Release notes:I saw something in the library, I can still feel it, like it reached inside of me,
like it took something out of me… my life.
Snaping, cracking, sleeping… Cannot feel my fingers anymore, Cannot feel my fingers anymore… 


Ultraform-Jonathan/Then it hit me

Release notes:You're a fucking cocksucker Jonathan...
Just some what the heck with swords...
Just some heck what the with blood... 


V.A.-Momentum Vol.01

Release notes:Momentum Volume 1 is the first in a new series of techtrance and progressive compilations from TesseracTstudio. Compiled by PhaseTech, Momentum gathers material from across East-Central Europe with a particular emphasis on homegrown Serbian productions. Sleek driving rhythms and gleaming cybernetic atmospheres infuse this stellar release with a rich futuristic ambiance. Momentum Volume 1 successfully revives the mood and style of post-millennial techtrance for modern audiences even as it paves the way for a new generation of mechanistic producers to move and shake the dance floors of the world.

Release notes:Supermarket is the fourth release from the experimental psytrance netlabel Ultiva Records. After the success of their previous offering, Voice Of Sauron, Ultiva has now broadened their scope to explore the hard and mechanical sound of modern techtrance. With selections from several veteran acts including Trimada, Cujorius One, and ManMadeMan—as well as some pleasant surprises from newcomers like PhaseTech and Opsy—Supermarket represents a wide cross-section of techtrance talent. Supermarket was compiled by Opsy & Lara and mastered at TesseracTstudio, Belgrade, with artwork by Kanc Cover and support from Soundmute.org

V.A.-Cyberpunk chronicles Vol.1
Release notes:Welcome to the dirty future dystopia of Cyberpunk Chronicles Vol. 1, a full-length techtrance release compiled by Onionbrain & Zartrox for Uroboros Records, Brazil. Focusing on a theme of “biochips, pollution, and the matrix,” this first compilation from Uroboros deals out a variety of fat minimal and progressive grooves from Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Germany, and Italy, all designed to make you dance from dusk ’til dawn. Mastered by Anti Logic Studio, Berlin, with artwork by Bruno Azalim.